Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sorry for not posting since so long........ actualy got no time to edit the pictures :(
as soon as the editing is done ill upload them :)


  1. Hi Samreen,

    I'm Aarti from chennai, and i would like you show me the various puches which you have and which i can order from you. We are not getting most of the designs for flowers and leaves here and find it really difficult to procure. Pls let me know abt papers as well bcuz various green shades is just not available.

  2. yes you sure can :)
    mail in your contact no and e-mail id so we can carry on further :)

  3. Hi Samreen,
    been looking for some punches for ages...wonder if you could help me with them..
    Got a lot of great reviews from my friends abt you, but forget to get your contact info..

    Wonder if you give me your email id so I could tell you what i need!

    This is me, Tejal

  4. hiee tejal,
    my e-mail id is